Our traffic solution will help your website rankings improve as we will drive search traffic to your website using your chosen keywords. In the eyes of Google (artificial intelligence), your site will be getting popular therefore it will improve the ranking of the page(s) specified.

We began sending web traffic to this website mid July-2018


getting Traffic

Fortunately, this method does not harm your site nor is it frowned upon as this has been used for over a decade. Over the years, the effectiveness has declined as it now needs about 3 weeks for one to see a change in rankings. It used to take about a week.

Look at the improvement below, from page 15 to page 9 within 30 days.


getting Traffic

It is important to note the following: The purpose of this service is to drive web traffic to your site with the sole intention of staying on your site for lengthy period to give Google the impression that visitors are staying on your site for long periods = better ranking. If people stay on your site for less than 30 seconds, Google sees this activity as a negative and will eventually lower your ranking.

From as little as $50 a month we can do the same for you. Fill in the form below to get started.



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