8 Nov

Virtual Assistant Services – How They Can Help You Be More Productive and Grow

Top Most Benefited Industries by Virtual Assistant Services

There are an infinite amount of industries out there that could benefit from the help of Virtual Assistant Services, but here are the ones that have are already leading their field by having incorporated Virtual Assistants as part of their operational processes.

1- Accounting Industry
Tasks like accounts payables and accounts receivable, system maintenance, organization of digital records, data entry, email account management, calendar management, and bank reconciliation related duties are just some of the some of the most tedious and time-consuming tasks for any accounting firm. Having Virtual Assistant Services at your disposal with industry specific skills and expertise will help in alleviating and minimizing any operational distress.

2- Law Industry

Law firms are very well known for handling massive amounts of paperwork, regardless of the type of law or specialty that is practiced in any particular firm. All law firms have large quantities of time consuming tasks like appointment scheduling and calendar management, online research, digital filing, legal transcription, data entry, making and receiving calls, faxes and voicemail management, communication with clients, Powerpoint presentations, making follow up calls and email management, assistance in meeting deadlines among many others responsibilities. By law firms having Virtual Assistants as part of their teams, they are sure to be on the winning side. The aid of Virtual Assistant Services can lighten their workload, and allow law firms to better prepare for cases and bring in more business to the firm.

3- Real Estate Industry

Virtual Assistant Services are the perfect aid for Real Estate Brokers, Agents, and Property Managers alike. They’re a match made in Real Estate Heaven. It can be said that Virtual Assistant Services provide Real Estate professionals a great advantage over those who do not use their services.   Being a real estate professional will make you realize hopefully sooner rather than later, that you can’t do everything on your own. That is unless you are Superman or Superwoman. Incorporating a Virtual Assistant into your personal business could benefit you in countless ways. A Virtual Assistant can provide you with services in lead generation, email management, appointment scheduling and calendar management, content writing, creation of flyers and postcards, email blasts, blogging and social media marketing, human resources, accounts payable and account receivable, customer service and support, following up with clients, and tasks on overall administrative and back office operations. With all the extra time you would have on your hands with the help of Virtual Assistant you could go to networking events, or what you do best, bringing in news business and selling homes.

4- Information technology Industry

Information Technology was one of the first industries to start reaping the benefits of venturing into Virtual Assistant Services. If you work in this industry you will find that finding a global virtual workforce that can create and maintain websites, provide with system maintenance and repair, and provide customer service and tech-support etc. is actually quite easy. You would be surprised at the amount of work an IT Tech can get done from their own home. Without Information Technology in conjunction with Secretarial Services, the Virtual Assistant Industry would have never gotten as far as it has. In return, Virtual Assistants have helped the Information Technology industry continue to grow. Many companies have taken advantage of the Virtual phenomenon and implemented the use of Virtual Assistants across different time zones guaranteeing tech support and other IT related services 24 hours a day. This definitely places them ahead of other IT companies that are only open 8 to 10 hours a day.

5- Sales and Marketing Industry

All companies that are part of the Sales and Marketing industry can benefit from Virtual Assistant Services, whether they employ 1 or 2 in order to help them grow and to increase their bottom line. Virtual Assistant Services can help with telemarketing, online and on-call support or live chat, customer service, lead generation, making of sales reports, order confirmations, digital inventory tracking, all manner of administrative work, content writing, creation of email blasts and newsletters, marketing campaigns and material, social media marketing, market research,  and system support among many other tasks.

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